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DAB (Residential)

Model 824 – The patented InterForce™ Structural Reinforcement System is a stiffening, steel framing system embedded along the perimeter of each door section. By surrounding each door section, the InterForce is able to unify the individual door systems and magnify the doors resistance to the extreme pushing and pulling effects of severe windstorms without additional reinforcement.

• Miami – Dade Product Approval.
• Independently tested for large-missile impact resistance.
• Engineer Certified to meet and exceed local wind load requirements.
• Manufactured to compliment a home’s surrounding.

Colors: White, Almond, Brown, Cherry – (Additional Fee)


Garage Doors Built for Exceptional Life-Time Performance
Impact Resistance Steel Skin: All our door panels are manufactured from high strengh 24-gauge steel to protect against impact from airbone debris.
Hot-Dipped Galvanizing Process: Prior to manufacturing, our door´s steel skin is sub-merged in a continuous molten zinc bath that completely galvanizes both sides of the steel panel to ensure against corrosion.
Baked-On Primer Undercoat Treatment: A baked-on primer undercoat is next applied to both sides of the steel skin to increase the door’s performance against corrosion and improve paint adhesion
Flexibe Baked-On Polyester Top Coat: Finally, a flexible baked-on white or almond colored polyester top-coat is added to provide a third corrosion barried for years of maintenance-free performance.
DAB Garage Doors are available in a variety of standard and custom door sizes to fit virtually any garage opening.


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