Our Story

It all began with a Dream; B.A. Garage Doors was founded by Armando Benavides in 1992.  A regular employee who would always look up to better himself and his family. After working for a Septic Tank Company for over 3 years he decided to go work with his brother who at the time owned a Garage Doors Manufacturing Company in South Florida. His brother taught him everything about the Business and in little time Armando had enough knowledge to start selling and installing Garage Doors on his own.

A few years later he decided to leave his brothers side and work for himself, he then bought a pick-up truck, started recycling and picking up Metal all over Miami-Dade County and took it to the local Scrap Metal Recycling Center where he would get paid for what he dropped off. He did this for about 2 years and decided to open up his own Garage Door Company.

In 1992 South Florida was struck by “Andrew” a long-lived, destructive, classical, and very powerful Category 5 Hurricane which demolished all of Miami-Dade County. We are now fortunate to say that we have become who we are today due to all the calls received for Repair Services and New Garage Door Installations after the horrible tragedy. Within a few months and a some extra change Armando became a Licensed Independent Garage Door Contractor and established an office outside his home-office where he and his wife originally began the Business.

His spouse Patricia Benavides, now Vice-President of the Company has been the right hand of Armando and the Business for the last 20 years, she’s done it all or better said she’s been “Wonder Woman”, she went from being a waitress to his personal assistant, and at times she even threw on some construction boots and a safety helmet to enter different construction sites where she had to accompany her husband to get Estimates and/or Repairs done. They both had up’s and down’s, but all along the main point they focused on was, no matter what life threw at them, it needed to be completed in order to accomplish their Dreams and Goals.

Today, their daughter Gabriela Benavides, (Office Manager) is in charge of the Sales Department after being taught by both her mother and father. A young lady who has the same strong leadership mentality on continuing the Business and keeping up the same Dreams and Goals that her parents hold for the future that is yet to come to B.A. Garage Doors.

We aren’t just the ordinary mom and pops shop, we are a Garage Door Company who will accomplish your every need by giving you the Best Service, 100% Satisfaction and Loyalty to the max. Above and beyond all else, we want you to know that we care for your family’s well being too!